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07 May 2009 @ 07:25 pm
what the fresh? teasing, poking, bullying~  
Another day - full of crime

1. Who do we tease and why?
Teasing in my class seems never ending...
We(the 3 girls) love to tease sammy = samuerella
why? He never complains when we tease him..

2. what about poking?
Hmmm...its new but popular among us(3 girls)
we all poke those two guys and they can't stop us~

3. Bullying?
All the girls are bulliers!!
"fill my water bottle please"
"turn off the AC please"

The GRADE 11 is full of crime and naughtiness~

Love my class! <3 my friends too!!
Thanks for being my friend~
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